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Intro ~ Byn [May. 19th, 2006|08:18 am]
Free Range Moms - The Surreal Side Of Parenting



My name is Byn, I'm 34 (soon to be 35 ~ and not handling the "old" thing well at all!!!:(

I have five kids, ages 5-14:  Abyni(5), Paris(8), Jaedin(9), Kainan(10), Sprite(14)

We are Christian homeschoolers ~ we have HSed from the beginning ~ we use an eclectic mix of curriculum.  I tend to veer towards classical methods to an extent (LOOOOVE the literature based learning) and a lot of hands on unit studies (ala Konos).

We love doing theater.  Last year our family was in a local production of The Wizard of Oz and had a BLAST!  It was our first foray... and we plan to do more.

I did all homebirths, one unassisted.  I adore my hubby (Patrick) and we have a great marriage... I love that my kids have that, since I certainly never had any kind of happy family life growing up!  

Interested in making new friends...


[User Picture]From: neat_and_pretty
2006-05-20 05:06 pm (UTC)
Hi Byn,

I am Helen and have five children ages 4 ( nearly 5 ) up to 16 years old. I will be 36 in August :)

A large family and homeschooling is great isnt it, the sense of team work all pulling together. I love it too.

Welcome and look forward to speaking lots more with you.

Helen x
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